Staying Active

Woman stretching

  • Try to have a balance of stimulating and relaxing activities. If you can go online, there are lots of suggested activities on the Alzheimer’s Society website.

  • Have different places in your home for different activities.

  • You can often find exercise sessions on TV or online, so make time to do a bit of research and find ones you like.

  • Adapt activities that you would normally do outdoors. For example, you could go for a ‘chat and stroll’ around a table with someone you live with, and choose a topic to talk about.

  • Make sure you get plenty of daylight and fresh air. Just sitting by your window or in your front doorway can give you a little boost of wellbeing.

  • Watch what’s going on, and try to appreciate what you can see from your
    own window.

  • If you can, put some food out for the birds so that you can watch them from your window.