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Keeping a Sense of Purpose

  • Make a plan of things to do each day. Divide your day up into shorter periods and plan your activities – these could be familiar things or new discoveries. Alternate chores with more fun activities.

  • A calendar or whiteboard can be a handy way of helping you both remember what you have planned.

  • Tackle household jobs that you’ve been putting off and tick them off your ‘to do’ list. You could even give yourself a little reward, like a soak in the bath or something nice to eat.

  • Try ‘re-discovering’ things in your home, noticing pictures and ornaments and talking about how you came to have them, revisiting books or music that you’ve enjoyed, or playing jigsaw puzzles or board games.

  • Plan your favourite TV or radio programmes into your daily schedule, and check on-demand services for things you or they might enjoy.

If you don’t live together

  • Encourage the person you care for to try some of the things suggested above. Calling in the evenings will allow you to ask what they are planning for the next day, make suggestions and remind them of things like deliveries. Regular calls from you or others can break up the day, and help prompt them to start new activities.