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Staying Positive

  • It can be difficult to be a carer at the best of times, but now more than ever you need to try and stay positive. Doing this, and helping the person you care for do the same, will help to get you both through this difficult time. This is easier said than done, though, so if you are struggling, speak to someone you know, or call Carers UK or your local Council’s adult social care team.

  • If you’re worried about money you can find information on benefits and how to claim at the Carers UK  and GOV.UK websites

  • Try and build enjoyable activities into each day, and anticipate more difficult times of the day, such as when the person you care for tends to become agitated or upset, or when you feel low. Try to find a constructive diversion and create time for yourself.

  • Many people find relaxation and mindfulness exercises helpful in managing how they feel – you’ll find lots of simple guides to get started online.

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