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Staying Safe and Well

  • The first and most important thing is to is to keep yourself and the person you care for safe and well. There’s lots of Government guidance on how to do this, including carer-specific advice on the Carers UK website.
  • Make a plan in case you get ill, including the kinds of care and support that are required and contact details of people who can help – and remember to update it when required.

  • Think about who you can talk to if things become too much, whether that’s friends or family, or someone at Carers UK or your local Council’s adult social care service.
  • Put signs around the house to remind the person you care for about safety precautions, including staying home and regular hand washing. It may help to ‘model’ safety measures too, for instance by commenting when you are washing your own hands.

If you don’t live together

  • Think about ways that technology can help. This might include a pendant alarm, or a camera system that connects to a smartphone app. You can also arrange for food and medicine deliveries online with specific time slots. Your local Council may have a community volunteer group that can help too.